Scheduling your Social Media Content distribution


Many social sites and blogs offer planning and scheduling options for posting your content.  Facebook Pages, Twitter, and even Tumblr all have these feature, however there are some cool third party sites that can make the process easier. 

The first is Hootsuite, who claim to be the leading “social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks.” Hootsuite allows users to put all of their social sites into one “dashboard,” and manage it all from one place instead of switching from app to app.  

Tweetdeck, helps users not only schedule their tweets, but also organizes their Twitter newsfeed for several accounts.  Buffer, another content scheduling app and website, also offers analytics and insights for all of your social websites.   

And lastly there is IFTTT, (like gift without the g), a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement along with scheduling your content. It stands for ‘If This Then That,’ where users can pick and choose an action for every trigger. For example one can upload a photo to Instagram, the action, and the trigger would be that the photo automatically gets stored into your Dropbox.


Prezi, the new Powerpoint


Ever since high school every one of my presentations was made on Powerpoint, until this year.  My last year of college i have finally discovered Prezi. Launched in 2009, with over 15 million users, Prezi is a cloud based presentation application, and its simply cool. 

Prezi is extremely engaging and unconventional. Users can choose to present in regular or a 3D template.  The whole presentation is on a single “board”, but users can choose to zoom further and further into sections they create.  They can also choose a Path, in which to zoom in and where and when.  It is all simple, and everything you could think of is movable, expandable, shrinkable, and anything else that was not as simple to do before now, is. Users can also easily and quickly import images and files, and to include other editors or simply share it, Prezi provides a link.  

So next time you need an effective way to wow your professor or your boss, your next presentation should be made on Prezi.    


Social Channels


Social media channels for some time now have established themselves as the new modes of marketing and sales. But not all social channels are the same.  They all have their niches. For example Facebook, the most popular and perhaps versatile, creates the strongest connections before, during, and after sales.  It also provides VIP access and is very time specific. 

Twitter is also time specific, but it provides real time conversations and real time monitoring of your brand.  Personal site blogs, also, above all show the brand voice and relevant content.  

Pinterest is a visual communications forum, where one can share and organize.  Pinterest as well as Youtube, is a how-to forum and sharable.  

Google+ creates stronger connections, because it contains huddles and groups. And LinkedIn creates connections between businesses and also contains groups.  

All of these social channels are different ways to promote ones brand and create connections through different forums.  


The Social Profile

When it comes to your social profile, whether it’d be your Tumblr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and on… whatever your choice, the profile should be the virtual version of yourself.  Wether it is a professional profile like LinkedIn or just Facebook, they should be showcased in the way you want to be perceived. In case you have not yet noticed, profile histories go way back displaying every photo, thought, status ever made for the all of your followers and friends to see. 

Your profile should also consider your audience, whether it is your boss or your high school age niece.  Facebook, showcases practically everything about our lives these days, even things we do not wish to show.  Thank goodness for the privacy settings and monitoring tools, make a good use of these to avoid any awkward situations. 

It is even possible to showcase your awesome self on more professional platforms like LinkedIn or the company profile.  There are groups you can join, posts you can publish and summary sections where you can really make an impression and show your personality.  The photo alone says a lot.  

Remember to get creative, where appropriate.  And that your social profiles are very much a representation of you, so always showcase the best of you. 


Trademarks; are we going to far?

This past September, Christian Louboutin made headlines by winning the case against Yves Saint Laurent for using red soles on their shoes, and infringing on Louboutin’s brand. Not only does this apply to YSL but to all designers because now Louboutin’s red shoe soles are recognized as a trademark by the courts.  In the world of fashion this seems far too constricting, the courts are legally ruling out the color red for all shoe soles, unless the shoe is fully red. Of course Louboutin can easily argue that their brand is easily recognizable by the red sole, but is it really fair to restrict the color to other designers and even take them to court. This seems especially debatable when one takes a look at fashion today and sees how many trends are exchanged between designers every season. And yes for Louboutin the red sole is a brand not a trend, but when it does become a trend for the very short season, they should extend the courtesy and not bring it to court. 


making your Facebook page count

By now, the world knows social media is one of the strongest tools of helping your business grow.  And the top social site to do it is through Facebook.  It comes in first with 92% of all social media channels, right before Twitter (82%) and LinkedIn (73%).  But just getting a mass following and a million likes is not enough.  You want your followers coming back to the page, which means making your page interactive and engaging.  There are several ways to do this.  First make sure you are posting at least one to three times a day.  New content will keep followers checking you out.  Make the content you post interesting, thought provoking, and even challenging.  Only between 3% to 7.5% of your followers see your Facebook posts, but the more interested you get them the more likely it is to show up in their newsfeed.  You can also do polls, special offers and contests.  Make conversation with your followers, post, like, comment, tag, and check in.  Make your business a living entity on Facebook, it will drive traffic and garner interest.  Because without engagement there is little visibility.  Now, It is all about give-and-take with your followers.   


Selling a Lifestyle

If you have a talent for whipping up some delicious cupcakes, the cupcakes alone are not enough to sell them.  With the ever growing competition, it is getting harder and harder for things to sell themselves. Those cupcakes now need to be sold with a promise of a lifestyle.  Products need to be fit into the consumers life. Instead of simply selling the product, by advertising how great it is or better than the competitors, one should create a want for them.  Show the consumer on how they are missing out, or how life enhancing the product can be.  For instance do not just show off the cupcakes, show off a birthday party with the cupcakes.  Creating a presence of your product in consumers life, creates a need to fill that space and gives them ideas of what to do with that product.  


Status Quo

Many may think of Apple as different, challenging Status Quo, after all Apple’s motto is “think differently.” However they are still very much part of the Status Quo, in fact at they are at the very top of it. The popularity contest does not only apply to high schoolers but also to products and celebrities and so on.. As mentioned before Apple does not necessarily make the best products out there, but they do provide the best user experience and are very pleasing to the eye.  As Simon Sine says, there are leaders with power authority, that would be Dell, and then there are “those who lead, they inspire us,” that would be Apple.  We want Apple products not because we need them, but because we want them.  Because Apple is the image of cool, and we all want to be cool, just as many kids did back in high school.  Adults, though out of high school, are still trying to be cool, wanting the best car and position.  Most successful brands know this, so instead of selling the product they sell the belief of what this product will provide one with.  Because so many still care not of the substance but of the status quo. 


Social Communication

In High-Tech/High-Touch, John Naisbitt stated “technology is relentlessly accelerating our lives and stirring profound yearnings for a more emotionally satisfying existence,” and he was most certainly right. The more advanced technology the more it lessens direct human interaction and the more we feel a need to satisfy that hole.  Technology is isolating; cars turned long visits short, then those visits became replaced with phone calls, and now phone calls are becoming replaced with texts.  It may seem efficient and fast, yet creates a problem.  Social Media is helping fill this gap through all sorts of media.  Probably a major reason why it is so popular.  So much so, that according to Payscale, two out of five generation Y workers rated social media access above a higher salary.  It’s quite a beautiful thought that people are choosing communication with others over money.  And i’m sure that fraction is bound to increase as more and more things get replaced with robots. And the more and more social media will strive. 


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change."-Darwin

Darwins insight might explain the many successes behind several technologies and social media. Today’s media and technology, and even celebrities, that are succeeding are not especially the best ones out there but the ones that are constantly changing, reinventing themselves. By offering something new, even very little, keeps it relevant and keeps it popular. This rings very true, for example, of the Iphone 5. Some may argue that the Iphone is the best out there, but many more will agree that the features found in the Iphone can be found in many other phones that are just as good or even better. Yet it does not stop the 2 million pre-orders, or the lines outside of the apple stores, waiting for that new $700 phone. The Iphone will keep selling, as long as they keep on offering something new.  The same can be said about Facebook. One of the reasons for it’s success is for always reinventing itself, staying relevant to its consumers. These technologies change little, but they still change. Otherwise people would get bored and lose interest. Like they did with the Blackberry or Myspace. Still these reinventing technologies need substance to rely on, which the successful ones do, they just don’t necessarily need the best substance.